How to avoid the embarrassment and easily to chat with customers? (Part 1)
The author:Leonna Teng     Release time:2018-07-20

Communication between people is an art. When communication is well established, it has powerful energy. If it is not used properly, it will be greatly detrimental to its own interpersonal relationship. In business, no matter what the nature or type of work, the communication between the two parties occupies an important role. In operating a restaurant, in addition to knowing how to communicate with employees and partners, the industry has to learn how to chat with customers. A successful and comfortable dialogue can make customers feel good, and also increase the chances of increasing regular customers.


The following is the tips that can be noticed in a smooth conversation.


-Eye contact

Many people think that the key to communication is the content of the conversation, and the importance of the eyes contact. Looking at the customer's eyes and talking to them then can make the customer feel your sincerity and seriousness, instead of talking while busy with things, the other party will think whether it is affecting your work.


- Take the initiative

Some owners worry that sometimes active conversations will worry that customers feel uncomfortable, but in fact, the main thing is that a warm greeting will start to make customers feel the natural atmosphere. For example: Is there an umbrella today on a rainy day? If you do not remember to let us know, we provide you with an umbrella. With such natural care, and with a smile and a relaxed look, customers can feel comfortable with your goodwill and integrate into the current atmosphere. When people relax, it is easier to get a smooth chat.


- Moderate observation

As long as we observe, we can understand the needs of our customers. For example, a person is quite sitting with straight and his chin is raised. It seems that people who are observing the restaurant tend to have a higher tendency to chat with people. Again, some people keep looking at the watch and watching the phone, indicating that they are a little more rushed, and they need more personal space to handle their own affairs. Even if you are not a professional, you can get some information in it if you pay attention to it.



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