• Mobile scan code order
    Turn on the scan QR code function in any software. Including skip-the-line, online ordering, self-service plus dishes, changing table, call attendant and other functions

  • Buffet meal
    Scan ordering convenient and fast
  • Always meet customer needs
    Including the change of dishes, reminders, paper towels, pouring water, change table, call attendant and other functions
  • Rich marketing activities, marketing has never been easier
    Including customer loyalty cards, points, coupons, regular activities (such as God of Fighters) and other functions
  • Make customers happy to wait for serving
    In order to enable customers to remain happy while waiting for food, some small games, interactive entertainment functions have been added
Now what you have to do is
Pick up the cards and put them on the table
  • Table stickers

  • Door stickers

  • Table card

Personality table card

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