The three problems of attracting passengers are not problems since then
  • Traditional marketing has many disadvantages

    The customer experience of leaflets was poor, the brand suffered a lot of damage, and the production was in trouble; the investment in advertising funds was huge and the precision was not enough. There is no professional marketing staff, lack of effective marketing methods, resulting in no effect of marketing, and engulfing the gross profit caused by closing shop.

  • Can't track performance throughout

    The traditional marketing communication process cannot be traced electronically and put on a black background. It cannot fully track the efficiency of full-closed loop conversion from exposure, click, and receipt to verification.

  • Unable to collect customer data

    Merchants do not have access and tools to collect customer data for customer deposits. All customers who arrive at the store can not contact after spending, and they are not able to attract secondary stores or bring new customers.

  • Data-based precision marketing
    Through yhohuatah platform to establish their own customer data, clearly understand the customer's behavior and hobbies, based on the data to develop thousands of customers with thousands of precise personalized marketing.
  • Diversification of marketing methods,

    Promote rich content and make your business turn

    Through the yhohuatah marketing system, it is free to create or participate in platform hotspot marketing activities to achieve universal promotion. Maximize your store exposure
  • Stable membership marketing,

    One-time drainage, continuous marketing, lifetime benefits

    Through membership collection, we have accumulated stable customers for our stores and fully stimulated the enthusiasm of our members.
  • Full flow closed loop system
    Full tracking of closed-loop conversion efficiency from exposure, click, coupons to verification.

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