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Restaurant Overview
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    Smart Technology Restaurant
  • Phone:
    011-5509 6604
  • Address:
    9A,Jalan Mutiara 1/4,Taman Mutiara Mas,81300,Skudai
Restaurant introduction
Located at Mutiara Mas's first green curry hot pot soup base, it combines Thai and Chinese style hot pot. One person only needs RM36++ for you to eat!
In Skudai Mutiara Mas Thai-style hot pot, combined with Thai barbecue and shabu-shabu, a price for you to eat!

You can choose from a variety of ingredients.
Meat; Seafood; crab, shrimp, barley, scallops, abalone slices, etc.!

There are a variety of hot pot ingredients are all to eat anything! At the same time there are also 12 kinds of homemade sauces with oh oh there are surprise sea ice cream !

What are you waiting for! Hurry up to experience a scan order and enjoy the food! To find out more about food, search for "yhofoodie" on the Play Store or the App Store and download it, and click on "Nearby Restaurant" for more information.
This shop has been upgraded to a smart restaurant! Download yhofoodie software, quickly order meals, accumulate points! The super-reasonable price is simply worth the money!

It's better than action. What are you waiting for? Quickly experience Yhofoodie software!

Want to know the food of Thai-Chinese hot pot restaurant? Welcome to download yhofoodie software to "near restaurants" to learn more.
Restaurant specialties
  • Scallop

    Shandong cuisine

  • Organic tomato scallop

    Shandong cuisine

  • Purple onion cold-burning Kwan

    Shandong cuisine

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