Kiiba Hotpot
Category:Smart Technology Restaurant
Restaurant Overview
  • Name:
    Kiiba Hotpot
  • Category:
    Smart Technology Restaurant
  • Phone:
    07-351 8321
  • Address:
    72,Jalan Austin Heights 8/2,Taman Mount Austin,81100,JB
Restaurant introduction
Kiiba Hotpot is the most convenient rotary hot pot concept that combines the comfort of a fine dining restaurant. The use of rotary machinery to convey dishes, variety, customers do not have to run around. After hundreds of years of development, the hot pot loved the love of the common people and the huge consumer groups, coupled with the improvement of the quality of life of people this year, paid more attention to the concept of hygiene and nutrition. The wonderful pot is precisely the restaurant that best fits this concept. This restaurant is based on the concept of one person one hotpot , for personal hygiene habits purpose. Moreover, our unique and innovative rotary hot pot equipment technology is equipped with modern high-tech electromagnetic stoves, there is no open flame, there is no hidden safety hazard, there is no the slightest fumes. Environmental protection and hygiene.

After using the yhofoodie system, customers all feel that it is much more convenient to order food, as long as you scan the QR code to order food. More than just ordering, even customers who need to add soup or buy orders do not need to raise their masters. Just swipe the QR code and call the waiter. The computer's system will be displayed. The cashier will immediately arrange the waiter to assist the customer. Not only that, the yhofoodie system also helps the in-store ranking system become much more convenient. The system has a timer for cashiers to arrange seating. Moreover, yhofoodie's system can also sign in. It makes our staff more convenient. Yhofoodie's system also has very careful accounts. Convenience and make it easier for us to clearly know the accounts.

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Restaurant specialties
  • Alaska King Crab


  • Oysters


  • Boston lobster


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