Zennovi Confinement Meal
Category:Smart Technology Restaurant
Restaurant Overview
  • Name:
    Zennovi Food Sdn Bhd
  • Category:
    Smart Technology Restaurant
  • Phone:
    013-554 3139
  • Address:
    Confinement Meal Delivery company located in Johor Bahru
Restaurant introduction
Zennovi Food are mainly less oil, salt, and MSG-free monthly meals. Since each family has its own culture and origin, there are of course some requirements for monthly meals.

We are a Confinement Meal Delivery company located in Johor Bahru. We are provide Mummy to get the best meals and medicated meals during the golden period of confinement.
We used :
【The Healthier Ingredients】 + 【Chinese Herb from famous Chinese medicine clinic】 + 【Dishes ordering system】

Not only mummy can get a best meal to restore her healthy body, but also no need to worry about to eating the same food in nearly a whole month!

Love yourself to give yourself the best, Zennovi Food is your best choice!

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Restaurant specialties
  • Soybean Fish Head Soup Signature Pork Feet Vinegar Braised Egg Bean Curd Stir Fry Black Brown Rice Brown Rice


  • Soybean Fish Head Soup Teriyaki Salmon Deep Fried Dumplings Sweet Bean Lotus Root Red bean brown rice


  • Guangxi Cordyceps ribs soup Broiled Cordyceps steamed chicken Fried green beans Abalone mushroom broccoli Black sesame brown rice


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