Yummy Taste Noodles
Category:Smart Technology Restaurant
Restaurant Overview
  • Name:
    Yummy Taste Noodles
  • Category:
    Smart Technology Restaurant
  • Phone:
    018 3951161
  • Address:
    21, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Restaurant introduction
Handmade Noddles with fully passion, delicious and nice!
A long-lasting love, the love of the collection
Even if you are busy with work, three meals in the morning and evening, you can't just choose it, you will never let you down! !
A brother's private house flour cake, absolutely classic ~ Jiashi good: choose the high-quality flour, Kung Fu Qiao: pure hand-made noodles, there are temperament: soup head squat for 6 hours, there is connotation: more mixed, popular: monthly Sell 2,500+ bowls. Together with handmade soymilk, soak the beans in 8 hours and freshly make the freshly ground soymilk in 4 hours. Make sure that every drop of soymilk you drink has full nutrition and concentration. 
Life has to eat more than 70,000 meals, "food" is still short, a good day, starting with freshly ground original soymilk and classic flour cake made with more than 6 kinds of ingredients. Treat your heart with the ingenuity and make your life full of energy.
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